100 Mistakes I Made Bootstrapping my First SaaS Business to $500,000 ARR

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I didn't know "shit about fuck" (Ozark reference) when I started my first SaaS business in early 2016, but I was able to boot strap and grow it to $600,000 (as of September, 2020) in annual recurring revenue through pure grit and determination.  I'm a non-technical founder living in Los Angeles and I crawled my way through to success.  

In this eBook I walk you through the top 100 mistakes I made over the last 4-5 years, so you don't make the same mistakes.

*there is one mistake in here that will save you THOUSANDS of dollars and the very reason I should charge $100 for this eBook.

This eBook is set up in bite size lessons (my mistakes) spread out over 100+ pages.  Each mistake is succinct and comes with an actionable step you need to take in order to avoid what I did.

This is my manifesto and required reading for any founder that wants to avoid the pitfalls that nearly sunk my company.  I'm not smarter than you.  I just got lucky and solved each problem, one at a time.



Twitter: @saastrash


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100 Mistakes I Made Bootstrapping my First SaaS Business to $500,000 ARR

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